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5-Jan-24   One new Framework Type Code has been approved
  JSY Reference material: JU-60
        Li,Y., Li, X., Liu, J., Duan, F. and Yu, J.
          "In silico prediction and screening of modular crystal structures via a high-throughput genomic approach"
Nat. Commun.6, 8328 (2015)
        Shi, J., Hu, J., Qinming Wu, Q., Chen, W., Dong, Z., Zheng, A., Ma, Y., Meng, X., and Xiao F.-S.
          "A six-membered ring molecular sieve achieved by a reconstruction route"
          J. Am. Chem. Soc.145, 7712−7717 (2023)
20-Jun-23 Four new Framework Type Codes have been approved
  JZT Reference material: ZEO-3
        Li, J., Gao, Z.R., Lin, Q-F., Liu, C., Gao, F., Lin, C., Zhang, S., Deng, H., Mayoral, A., Fan, W., Luo, S., Chen, X., He, H., Camblor, M.A., Chen, F-J. and Yu, J.
          "A 3D extra-large-pore zeolite enabled by 1D-to-3D topotactic condensation of a chain silicate"
Science 379, 283-287 (2023)
  EOS Reference material: ECNU-16
        Xu, L., Zhang, L., Li, J., Muraoka, K., Peng, F., Xu, H. Lin, C., Gao, Z., Jiang, J-G., Chaikittisilp, W., Sun, J., Okubo, T. and Wu, P.
          "Crystallization of a novel germanosilicate ECNU-16 provides insights into the space-filling effect on zeolite crystal symmetry"
Chem. Eur. J. 24, 9247-9253 (2018)
  -ION Reference material: IDM-1
        Villaescusa, L.A., Li, J., Gao, Z., Sun, J. and Camblor, M.A.
          "IDM-1: a zeolite with intersecting medium and extra-large pores
built as an expansion of zeolite MFI"
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 59, 11283-11286 (2020)
  RFE Reference material: RUB-58
        Marler, B., Baerlocher, C., McCusker, L.B. and Gies, H.
          "Synthesis and structure of RUB-58: an almost ordered, highly crystalline member of the ZSM-48 family of zeolites"
Cryst. Growth Des. 23, 2770-2781 (2023)
13-Jun-23 Wilfried J. Mortier (1946-2023)
  It is with great sadness that we must report that Wilfried J. Mortier, who served on the Structure Commission for 33 years (1977-2010), passed away on June 5, 2023 after a long illness. He is best remembered in the Commission for the Herculean effort he put into collecting, organizing and finally publishing the data that are now available in the "Compilation of Extra-Framework Sites in Zeolites". Although the Compilation has not been updated since it was published in 1982 (the amount of work involved would be overwhelming), it continues to be a valuable resource for zeolite scientists. His insistence on correct protocol and precision helped to set the course of the IZA-SC at the very beginning of its existence.

He also served on the IZA Council several times when the IZA was first established and provided similar guidance. During the course of his career, he worked in both academia (KU Leuven) and industry (ExxonMobil), and was happy to share the insight into zeolite chemistry and structure that this brought him.

Those of us who had the privilege of working with him, will always remember him with respect and fondness.
16-Feb-23 Database of Zeolite Structures
  The latest release of the php software that is used to access the Database of Zeolite Structures is stricter than the previous versions, and this caused some problems with the website. Christian Baerlocher has now fixed the most obvious failures, but there may still be a few that he hasn't caught. If you notice anything unusual, please contact him.
23-Dec-22 Three new Framework Type Codes have been approved
  PTF Reference material: PST-35
        Kemp, K.C., Choi, W., Jo, D., Part, S.H., Hong, S.B.
          "Synthesis and structure of the medium-pore zeolite PST-35 with two interconnected cages of unusual orthorhombic shape"
Chem. Sci. 13, 10455-10460 (2022)
  -HOS Reference material: HPM-16
        Gao, Z.R., Balestra, S.R.G., Li, J., Camblor, M.A.
          "HPM-16, a stable interrupted zeolite with a multidimensional mixed medium-large pore system containing supercages"
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 60, 20249-20252 (2021)
    Related material: SCM-25
        Luo, Y., Fu, W., Wang, B., Yuan, Z., Sun, J., Zou, X., Yang, W.
          "SCM-25: a zeolite with ordered meso-cavities interconnected by 12 x 12 x 10-ring channels determined by 3D electron diffraction"
Inorg. Chem. 61, 4371-4377 (2022)
  -IRT Reference material: ITQ-43
        Jang, J., Jorda, J.L., Yu, J., Baumes, L.A., Mugnaioli, E., Diaz-Cabanas, M.J., Kolb, U., Corma, A.
          "Synthesis and structure determination of the hierarchical meso-microporous zeolite ITQ-43"
Science 333, 1131-1134 (2011)
  HPM-14 to be included in the Dababase of Disordered Zeolite Structures
    Gao, Z.R., Li, J., Lin, C., Mayoral, A., Sun, J., Camblor, M.A.
      "HPM-14: a new germanosilicate zeolite with interconnected extra-large pores plus odd-membered and small pores"
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 60, 3438-3442 (2021)
22-Jul-22 At the IZC in Valencia, Spain, the Structure Commission
  welcomed three new members
    Hubert Koller
Junliang Sun
Tom Willhammar
  and thanked three retiring members for their service
    Mike Anderson (2016-2022)
Russell Morris (2004-2022)
Stef Smeets (2019-2022)
28-Jun-22 Two new Framework Type Codes have been approved
  JZO Type material: ZEO-1
        Lin, Q.F., Gao, Z.R., Lin, C., Zhang, S., Chen, J., Li, Z., Liu, X., Fan, W., Li, J., Chen, X., Camblor, M.A., Chen, F.J.
          "A stable aluminosilicate zeolite with intersecting three-dimensional extra-large pores"
Science 374, 1605-1608 (2021)
  EWF Type material: EMM-25
        Cho, J., Yun, Y., Xu, H., Sun, J., Burton A.W., Strohmaier, K.G., Terefenko, G., Vroman H., Afeworki, M. Cao G., Wang, H., Zou, X., Willhammar, T.
          "EMM-25: the structure of two-dimensional 11x10 medium-pore borosilicate zeolite unraveled using 3D electron diffraction"
Chem. Mater. 33, 4146-4153 (2021)
24-Jun-22 Dealing with Disordered Zeolite Framework Structures
    Zeolite materials with disordered framework structures cannot be described properly within the layout of the Database of Zeolite Structures, because that layout assumes that the framework structures are perfectly ordered in 3 dimensions. In view of the fact that there are an increasing number of such zeolites, a second database, designed specifically to describe such materials, has been created and integrated into the Database of Zeolite Structures under the tab Intergrowths. These frameworks are not assigned 3-letter codes, but are grouped into Intergrowth Families that share a common Periodic Building Unit (PerBU) that can be connected in different ways.

The hard work has been done by
Christian Baerlocher: project coordination, structure of the database, construction of webpages
Lynne McCusker: creation of images for the connectivity patterns and the polymorphs
Hermann Gies: simulation of XRD powder patterns for intergrowth series using DIFFaX
Bernd Marler: providing the measured powder patterns and input for the disorder examples

The database is still under development, but a first version has now been uploaded and made available to the zeolite community.

Corrections, comments, suggestions and other feedback are welcome, and should be sent directly to Christian Baerlocher.
16-Jul-21 Two new Framework Type Codes have been approved
  ANO Type material: AlPO-91
        Yuhas, B.D., Wilson, K.N., Sylejmani-Rekaliu, M., Mowat, J.P.S., Sinkler, W.
          "Crystalline metallophosphates, their method of preparation, and use"
US Patent 10,336,622 B1 (2019)
  PTO Type material: PST-31
        Jo, D., Zhang, Y., Lee, J.H., Mayoral, A., Shin, J., Kang, N.Y., Park, Y.-K., Hong, S.B.
          "An aluminosilicate zeolite containing rings of tetrahedral atoms with all odd numbers from five to eleven"
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 60, 5936-5940 (2021)
22-Mar-21 Francis Taulelle (1951-2021)
  It is with great sadness that we must report that one of our members, Prof. Francis Taulelle, passed away on February 17, 2021.

His experience in the application of modern NMR techniques to address subtleties in zeolite structures was a valuable addition to the expertise of the Structure Commission, and his input will be sorely missed. Indeed it was his enthusiasm for combining different techniques to solve scientific puzzles that led to the SMARTER conference series that started in 2007 in Aveiro, Portugal. He was passionate about looking at the larger picture, and encouraging scientists from different fields to collaborate to achieve this goal.

Francis' took great pleasure in scientific discussions, often contributing unusual ideas and questions. We are all saddened that we will not be able to continue these animated discussions with him in the future.


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