Credits for the Database of Zeolite Structures

The information on this WWW site has been compiled by the authors of the Atlas of Zeolite Framework Types (Ch. Baerlocher, L.B. McCusker, W.M. Meier and D.H. Olson) and is provided as a service to the zeolite community by the Structure Commission of the International Zeolite Association. The pages are presently maintained by Christian Baerlocher and Lynne B. McCusker, who welcome corrections, comments and suggestions (email: ).
Any of the drawings from the Database of Zeolite Structures can be used in non-commercial publications as long as appropriate credit is given. We suggest something like:

  Ch. Baerlocher and L.B. McCusker, Database of Zeolite Structures

Information on referencing specific databases within the site, can be found by clicking on "Credits" on the entry page to the database.


last updated: 5-November-2013